Undergraduate program: Ocean Sciences

Top 5 reasons to study Ocean Sciences at Dal:

  1. Excellence – We are recognized worldwide for our approach to ocean education.
  2. Breadth – We combine biology, chemistry, geology, physics and social sciences to develop an integrated understanding of ocean ecosystems.
  3. Relevance – We tackle some of the most important societal challenges, including climate change, marine safety, food security, and renewable energy.
  4. Reach – Our research and programming spans the globe, bringing opportunities for students to study and work abroad.
  5. Community – Our close-knit and active group of ocean students, faculty, and staff provides you with an academic home on campus.

Career options


Sustainable use of ocean resources requires scientific research, technological innovation and good stewardship, creating opportunities for employment in a variety of ocean-related fields.

Dive in


Use a range of natural and social sciences to satisfy your curiosity about the mystery, bounty, power and importance of the ocean.  Learn how to observe the ocean, predict its behaviours, and formulate appropriate responses.