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Program snapshot

Top 8 reasons to study Ocean Sciences at Dalhousie:

  1. Comprehensive: We are the only oceanography department in Canada to include all primary areas: physical, biological, chemical and geological.
  2. Ocean excellence: Most of our faculty have held prestigious appointments nationally and internationally.
  3. Community: Undergrads benefit from access to a close-knit department focused on research and graduate studies.
  4. Careers: Our combined honours degree prepares you for further research at the best oceanography and marine science graduate schools.
  5. International: The oceans span the globe—our research and international collaborations do as well.
  6. Interdisciplinary: Work on world-class projects with scientists across many fields.
  7. Halifax, Nova Scotia: We study metres away from the Atlantic Ocean in one of Canada's most dynamic cities.
  8. Big picture: Oceanography makes you think further afield, looking at how multiple sciences come into play when studying the ocean. 

What will I learn?

oceanography slide

Ocean Sciences courses examine the ocean on a grand scale and bring together many scientific disciplines to solve the mysteries of our watery planet.

What can I do?


Our graduates go on to study and work at top universities around the globe, performing world-class scientific research for government and industry.