Program snapshot

Top 5 reasons to study Actuarial Science at Dal:

  1. Career opportunities: Understanding risk is an important and sought-after skill in finance and insurance sectors.
  2. Enhanced skills: Learn how to think analytically and solve problems creatively.
  3. Well-rounded education: Assessing and managing risk increases your understanding of economics and business.
  4. Expertise: Dal has the strongest mathematics and statistics professors in the region to guide and support you.
  5. Preparation: The program is built to prepare you for the Society of Actuaries (SOA) examinations – the final step to becoming an actuary.

What will I learn?

Actuarial Science WWIL-1

Actuarial science is the quantitative study of risk and methods for managing risk. Students in Actuarial Science at Dal prepare themselves to become actuaries by exploring topics like financial mathematics and probability.

What can I do?

Actuarial Science WCID

Actuaries use their mathematical and statistical expertise in a variety of corporate environments,  identifying financial strengths and weaknesses of group pensions, insurance plans and more.