Current research

Creating knowledge to slow environmental destruction

Given the demands of a growing population and rising consumption expectations, the rates of environmental degradation and loss are deeply problematic. As a society, we think we know how the world works, but often this is based on best guesses or insights from another place or time. Our research at SRES is critically important as it helps reveal more about the reality of our options, which results in better decisions, less environmental devastation and better outcomes for society.

Explore your options

Research at SRES covers a wide range of issues related broadly to humans in the environment, including:

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Energy systems
  • Ecosystem services
  • Food systems
  • Freshwater and marine systems
  • Health and environmental justice
  • Indigenous perspectives
  • Industrial sustainability
  • Policy and public engagement
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Urban & regional issues

Find out more about our research strengths on the SRES website.

Research Goals

  • To provide a supportive and collegial setting for the conduct of scholarly research.
  • To identify and pursue important resource and environmental questions and areas of research using the School's network.
  • To involve students in research projects locally, regionally, and internationally.
  • To translate results into creative and practical tools for change in thought and behaviour.
  • To communicate research results within the School and beyond to other academic communities and government and non-governmental institutions.
  • To create new partnerships for innovative, interdisciplinary research between SRES and other Dalhousie units, as well as between SRES and the external academic and research community.
  • To encourage collaborative and comparative research with international partners.