Katie Paroschy

SRES program:


Educational background:

Honours degree in environmental science from
Trent University and a diploma in ecosystem
management from Sir Sandford Fleming College

Work history:

Internship with the Hydromet Program and the
Biology Department of the Ontario Ministry of
the Environment

Q: What brought you to SRES?

A: I wanted a master’s degree. I began researching programs on the Internet and found the MREM program at SRES. It had a clear description of the program and a straightforward application process. I happened to be visiting friends in Halifax and so popped in to visit SRES. After visiting, I decided to apply.

Q: How is the MREM program helping you pursue your passion?

A: I love being outdoors. I enjoy learning, and I believe it’s important to consider the environment and environmental conservation in every aspect of your life. Because MREM is a course-based program, I’m able to learn about things I’m interested in, but I’m also introduced to new things. And since we’re all from different backgrounds, I’m always learning from my peers.

Q: What has been the highlight of your time at SRES so far?

A: Last winter semester, I worked with a group that studied salmon farming on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. We were able to produce a really strong report. The highlight was being asked to present it to the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Nova Scotia for consideration. It’s nice to see your work being carried on. We also won a poster award at a conference for that same project.