All current pre-applications are processed for the next academic year.

Admission into the graduate program is conditional on finding a thesis supervisor.

The Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science has a minimum GPA requirement of 3.7 for graduate program admissions.  We recommend an optional pre-application process to determine whether you meet our requirements and to help you identify a potential supervisor prior to submitting a formal application.

Following submission of your pre-application, you are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly.

After review your pre-application by members of the Department, the Graduate Secretary will contact you to advise you whether you should proceed with a formal application.

To submit a pre-application, please fill out the following form:

 Certificate (*Applies to Medical Physics Only)
 Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
 International Student

Research Interests:

 Applied Physics
 Astrophysics, Cosmology
 Atmospheric Science
 Biological Physics
 Condensed Matter Physics
 Materials Science
 Subatomic Physics
 Radiation Oncology Physics
 Diagnostic Imaging Physics
 Nuclear Medicine Physics

Contact Information


*Although it is not required at this time, we encourage you to arrange for two or more Letters of Reference from your advisors. These can be emailed to Tanya Timmins (