Professional development

Teaching assistantships

TA assignments are drawn up by professors based upon enrollments in their classes and anticipated needs. There are three types of single-term, half-class TA assignments: TA45 (45 hours), TA90 (90 hours), TA130 (130 hours). The assignments are often very different in character; some might, for instance, be mostly marking, some might be running tutorial groups. There will nonetheless be a rough equity of workload for each type. For more information, contact the Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Research:

Research assistantships

As faculty members obtain research grants, they often hire research assistants to help them accomplish their research goals. If you are interested in becoming a research assistant, you are encouraged to discuss upcoming opportunities with the Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Research:

Other resources

Research Forum

A series scheduled throughout the year on Thursdays from 12 to 1 p.m., which allows for professional development as students and professors engage in each other’s work. Schedules will be circulated in late September, and you are required to attend on the dates given at that time. View the schedule here.

Centre for Learning and Teaching

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) works in partnership with academic units, faculty members, and graduate students to enhance the practice and scholarship of learning and teaching at Dalhousie University. Learn more about professional development opportunities and resources available through the CLT.