Leisure Studies courses

A diverse program of study

The courses offered in the Master of Arts Leisure Studies program build on your knowledge and skills, while providing you with further opportunities to do in-depth research in an area of particular interest to you.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of four graduate-level courses (equivalent to 12 credit hours) and a thesis (equivalent to 12 credit hours). On average, students can expect to take approximately 24 months of full-time work to complete the program. You may also take the program on a part-time basis.

Required courses

LEIS 5501.03: Advanced Research Methods in the Social and Natural Sciences.
LEIS 5592.03: Interdisciplinary Basis of Leisure Science.
LEIS 9000.00: Thesis. (considered equivalent to 12 credit hours)

Elective courses

LEIS 5600.06/5601.03/5602.03: Independent Studies. Open to independent completion of study. Interested students should consult with the Graduate Coordinator prior to registering in the course.
HPRO 5595.03: Program Planning and Evaluation in Health Promotion.
NURS 5100.03: Qualitative Research Methods.
NURS 5550.03: Marginalized Populations: Theoretical Insights and Applications.
NURS 5570.03: Introduction to the Science and Practice of Knowledge Translation.

N.B.: Not all courses are offered each year or each term. Please consult the academic timetable for a list of the courses currently offered.