Student research

Research that makes a difference

Our students bring the passion, focus and dedication to research problems that impact our environment. They play a crucial role in faculty research by helping shape the research and undertaking much of the data analysis and collection. They also receive invaluable mentorship from their supervisors and committee members, both formally and informally.

Discovery from every perspective

The MES program takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the world around us. You will have the opportunity to choose the direction your research goes and the areas of study to pull your research from.

Get published as a master’s student

Not only do we focus on conducting topical, high quality research, we also make sure our research has impact. We do this by working closely with our master’s students to ensure their research is quickly translated into one, two and even three peer-reviewed publications. This puts students in a much better position to secure substantial scholarship support for PhD studies, often in excess of $100,000 over several years.

Current students

Learn more about student research

Meet a few of our current master's students. Discover their current work, read their profiles and find out why they chose Dalhousie.