Advising & Resources

Equipped to succeed

Get to know one of our graduate advisors. They will help you develop your program plan, guide you through any questions you have about academic or administrative requirements, help you identify resources and opportunities on campus and simply be there for you when you need to talk. 

While doing your Master of Applied Computer Science, you’ll have easy access to the resources you need to succeed:

  • research-active supervisors to guide you
  • pertinent research topics
  • library for the latest research publications in journals, conferences and books
  • software
  • data standards and coding tools
  • IT professionals
  • scholarships offered by various government agencies
  • research assistantships (subject to availability)

Solving real-world problems

Your supervisor has knowledge and access to real-world computer science projects. As a student, you will be exposed to these projects as you work towards solving a real-world problem. Not only will your work be hands-on and practical, it will also be gratifying to know that your research will make a real difference in IT.

Graduate Support & Resources

We provide quick links to some of the rules, regulations and procedures for current graduate students in the Faculty of Computer Science.