Ceremony Dates

Spring 2019

Dalhousie will host seventeen Convocation ceremonies in Spring 2019 Please click on your faculty below to see times for specific Convocation ceremonies:

Friday, May 10 @ 2pm   
Faculty of Agriculture

Monday, May 27 @ 9am   
Faculty of Medicine

Monday, May 27 @ 12:30pm
Schulich School of Law

Monday, May 27 @ 4pm
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Tuesday, May 28 @ 9am
Faculties of Architecture & Planning and Dentistry

Tuesday, May 28 @ 12:30pm
Faculty of Computer Science

Wednesday, May 29 @ 9am, 12:30pm and 4pm
Faculty of Engineering

Thursday, May 30 @ 9am, 12:30pm and 4pm      
Faculty of Health

Friday, May 31 @ 9am, 12:30pm and 4pm            
Faculty of Science

Saturday, June 1 @ 9am and 12:30pm                    
Faculty of Management


To have your name considered by Senate for awarding of your degree and to be included in Convocation ceremonies, you must Apply to Graduate through DalOnline. This application is located in the Student Records menu under Web for Students.

  Spring Convocation Fall Convocation
Term to complete degree requirements Fall and/or Winter Summer
Deadline to apply to Graduate December 1 July 2

Students who submit their application to graduate after the deadline to apply has passed will need to submit a Late Application to Graduate through DalOnline. You will be required to pay a $50 late application fee before your application will be processed.

If you decide you would like to postpone receiving your degree you will need to submit a Request to Cancel Application to Graduate form [PDF-114 kb].  This form must be received before Senate awards degrees and diplomas. 

Please note: Graduate Studies students must check with the Faculty of Graduate Studies to confirm that their request can be accommodated.

Graduation Notification

Although your degree is not officially awarded until Senate meets in the weeks prior to Convocation, each Faculty uses different means to notify graduates that they have completed the graduation requirements:

Faculty How student will receive notification Spring Ceremonies Fall Ceremonies
Agriculture Faculty notifies students early May mid July
Arts and Social Sciences,
(Undergraduate programs only)
Registrar's Office will send final graduation status notification letter by mail
early May mid July
Health Professions, Computer Science, Management School/College/Faculty will notify students of their graduation status early May early October
Graduate Studies Check final graduation list mid May mid September
Dentistry Dean's Office will notify students of their final graduation status. early May early October
Law Dean's Office will notify students of their final graduation status if they are ineligible. early May early October
Medicine Check final graduation list mid May mid September
Engineering, Architecture and Planning Check with your Department Head to confirm your graduation status or check final graduation list. mid May mid September

You can confirm that you're meeting the requirements with your Degree Audit on the Web for Students menu in DalOnline. Graduate students should also check the Grad Studies tab in DalOnline for program approvals.