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Ms. Kati George‑Jim


Student Appointee, 2016-2018
Member, Community Affairs Committee

Ms. Kati George-Jim is originally from the West Coast of Canada, from the T'Sou-ke Nation on lower Vancouver Island. She is in her third year at Dalhousie, completing her BA in Political Science and Sustainability. She was the first year representative for Dalhousie's Arts & Social Sciences Society (DASSS) and for Dalhousie's Undergraduate Political Science Society (DUPSS). In her second year, Ms. George-Jim became the Vice-President Academic for DASSS and the Vice-President Internal for DUPSS. Also in her second year, Ms. George-Jim was a Legislative Page for the Province of Nova Scotia. 

In the summer of 2016, Ms. George-Jim was hired for an internship at an international NGO called the Pacific Peoples' Partnership in Victoria, B.C. Working as their Communications Coordinator, she worked on three major projects and presented at the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators Conference on Indigenous Knowledge and Sciences. Starting third year in the Fall, she is now the current President of DASSS and one of three student representatives for the Board of Governors. 

As a young person, Ms. George-Jim has been involved in groups that try to stomp out stigmas. She has worked on awareness campaigns surrounding topics such as mental health, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. This experience has inspired her to work with student and community groups with similar ideologies. She is extremely excited to be sitting on the Board of Governors and share student experiences with other Board Members. She is hoping during her term on the Board to develop and foster a stronger relationship between the student body and university administration.