Lab Animals & Lab Birds

The CCAC requires mandatory animal care training for everyone using animals in research, teaching and testing. These training requirements are directed towards personnel using laboratory mammals and birds.


Certification can be attained through the following:

  • Reading the CCAC’s Core Stream AND Animals Housed in Vivaria Stream modules, and challenging the test through the University Veterinarian’s Office.
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Devitt to schedule the test and include your Banner ID and the name of the Lab's PI. Individuals who successfully pass this test will be provided with a certification number.

Certificates from other Canadian universities

Individuals with a valid certificate from other Canadian Universities should contact Dr. Jennifer Devitt for further information.

Practical training

As well as receiving a certification number, there is a mandatory practical training requirement for all personnel involved in animal handling or experimental manipulations. This training must be completed and documented before participating in any animal research protocol. Practical training requirements will be dependent upon the procedures approved in individual Animal Use Protocols.