Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Social Work at Dal:

  1. Progressive: We recently overhauled our curriculum in accordance with worldwide, progressive, cutting edge advances in the profession.
  2. Distance learning: Students from Canadian coast to coast earn degrees by distance delivery.
  3. Field work: Choose from an expansive and innovative range of field placements.
  4. Community connection: Our professors are connected to community issues and agencies, locally and nationally.
  5. Independent study: Students can take electives that allow them to focus on an area of interest.
  6. Transformative: We focus our approach to teaching and analysis on transformative learning.
  7. Get involved: We have opportunities for student involvement in a wide range of research ventures beyond our core social work courses.

What will I learn?

Advancing social justice social work students

Our program is a journey that expands your mind. Our courses teach you to recognize the role of assumptions, values, dominant discourses and prevailing ideologies in daily life – and how we can improve lives, too.

What can I do?


You'll find Social Work graduates working in hospitals, schools, politics and running their own community organizations. Our degree is both professional and general, providing skills for a range of careers after graduation.