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A critical, collective approach to social work

Student Afolake Awoyiga makes personal issues political and finds creative ways to help vulnerable people solve their problems – collectively.


Social Work Students at computer

Study anywhere with our distance delivery option

Get the Dalhousie School of Social Work experience from anywhere in Canada! Learn more about how to do a Bachelor of Social Work remotely.


Social work advancing social justice

Facing social injustice head-on

Our course Advancing Social Justice will challenge every students' values, beliefs and assumptions as they confront social injustices at work in the world.



An advocate and activist on Dal campus

As a Peer Ally, alumna Laura MacIntosh (BSW'11) offers counselling and promotes safe, inclusive spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) students on campus.



What is a social worker?

They come from all walks of life, says Cassandra Hanrahan, but every social worker can learn from the non-judgmental presence companion animals provide.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Social Work at Dal:

  1. Progressive: We recently overhauled our curriculum in accordance with worldwide, progressive, cutting edge advances in the profession.
  2. Distance learning: Students from Canadian coast to coast earn degrees by distance delivery.
  3. Field work: Choose from an expansive and innovative range of field placements.
  4. Community connection: Our professors are connected to community issues and agencies, locally and nationally.
  5. Independent study: Students can take electives that allow them to focus on an area of interest.
  6. Transformative: We focus our approach to teaching and analysis on transformative learning.
  7. Get involved: We have opportunities for student involvement in a wide range of research ventures beyond our core social work courses.

What will I learn?

Advancing social justice social work students

Our program is a journey that expands your mind. Our courses teach you to recognize the role of assumptions, values, dominant discourses and prevailing ideologies in daily life – and how we can improve lives, too.

What can I do?


You'll find Social Work graduates working in hospitals, schools, politics and running their own community organizations. Our degree is both professional and general, providing skills for a range of careers after graduation.