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CASPer Admission Requirement (NEW)

New for September 2018 admission, all applicantsĀ to Dalhousie's Bachelor of Science (Nursing) program are required to complete a 90-minute computer-based online assessment (CASPer Test), in addition to meeting academic requirements.

Successful completion of CASPer is mandatory in order to maintain admission eligibility.

CASPer is an online test which assesses for non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that are important for successful students and graduates of the Nursing program. In implementing CASPer, we are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivitiy in our admission selection process.

Please note that the CASPer test can only be written once within an admission cycle. Multiple test attempts are not permitted. Additionally, CASPer test results are only valid for one admission cycle. Applicants who have already taken the test in previous years will therefore be expected to re-take it.

Please direct any inquiries on the test to support@takecasper.com.

Test Dates & Registration

CASPer test dates and times for September 2018 Nursing admission are now available at takeCASPer.com under the heading "Canadian Nursing School (2018 Admissions)". 

You will be provided with a limited number of testing dates and times. Please note that these are the only testing dates available for your CASPer test. There will be no additional tests scheduled. 

Once test dates are posted, you can register for the CASPer test at takeCASPer.com using your Dalhousie Student ID ('B00' number) and a piece of government-issued photo ID. Your Dalhousie Student ID number will be issued upon submission of your Dalhousie Undergraduate Application. Please use an email address that you check regularly to ensure that you receive relevant updates to the test schedule.

Test Fees

There is an additional fee for applicants payable to CASPer for the CASPer test. CASPer fees consist of two components:

  • A fee to take CASPer - $40 (CAD)
  • A fee to distribute your results to the institutions you select - $10 (CAD) per school

For more information on CASPer fees please visit takeCASPer.com.

Test Results

After a processing period, your CASPer score will be submitted directly to the programs you identified when registering for the test. CASPer score will be sent ONLY to those programs. You will not receive your CASPer score.

Once received by Dalhousie, your CASPer score will be used in combination with your academic performance for admission assessment.

Test Structure

The CASPer test is comprised of 12 sections of video and written scenarios. Following each scenario, you will be required to answer a set of probing questions under a time limit.

No studying is required for CASPer, although you may want to familiarize yourself with the test structure at takeCASPer.com. You should also review the technical requirements below and ensure you have a quiet environment to take the test.

Technical Requirements

In order to take CASPer you will be responsible for securing access to a computer with audio capabilities, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection on your selected test date. CASPer can be taken practically anywhere that you can satisfy these technical requirements.

Please note that CASPer's policy is that no exceptions will be provided for applicants unable to take CASPer online due to being located at sites where internet is not dependable due to technical or political factors.