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Get a head start on professional programs

The Medical Sciences program will help you meet the core requirements for studies in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, and prepare you for the new MCAT format.



Follow your interest

Senior-level "selective" courses provide specialist training in areas that could lead to graduate study or employment in a variety of related fields.



Learn to listen

Courses such as Bioethics and Social Determinants of Health give you a head start to success in a patient-centered health-care environment.


Program snapshot

Top 5 reasons to study Medical Sciences at Dalhousie:

  1. We'll help you prepare for professional school: Dal's Medical Sciences program includes core prerequisite courses for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and graduate studies in related fields, such as physiotherapy, microbiology, immunology, and many more. Plus, the program has been designed with the new MCAT format in mind, helping ensure your success.
  2. We offer opportunities for diverse careers: Besides professional schools, our program prepares you for graduate studies in biomedical fields or employment in industry, government or academia.
  3. We provide choices: You'll have the opportunity to choose a specialist field by taking more advanced "selective" classes in your area of interest.
  4. We get you in the lab: Our honours students benefit from hands-on experience in a biomedical lab.
  5. We care about the patient: Our program offers core courses in areas such as bioethics and the social determinants of health, helping you develop the skills for working in a patient-centered health-care system.

What will I learn?


Core courses in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology provide a great foundation for further education in the health professions. Specialist courses like immunology and virology could lead to post-graduate study in areas where you could make an impact on health policy making and education.

What can I do?


A BSc in Medical Sciences provides a solid starting point for a career as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, professor, researcher, lawyer (bioethics, patent law) or biotech industry scientist. You might work in hospital/health administration, government research or administration, or non-profit private research.