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Perspectives and choices

The Law and Society minor lets third-year student Sara MacDonald explore legal studies through Political Science and Sociology.


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Considering all sides of a case

Students taking the Law and Society minor get a multidisciplinary perspective on legal studies.


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Discovering an interest in the law

Fourth-year student Daniel Cherney says the Law and Society minor has made him realize the law is something he can understand and do well in.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to choose the Law and Society minor at Dal:

  1. Learn about the law from an interdisciplinary perspective, by taking courses in a number of programs and departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
  2. Explore your interest in human rights and how the law comes into play in defining or treating different groups.
  3. See the law not only from a by-the-book case law perspective, but also from a sociological or psychological perspective.
  4. Discover how restitution programs and restorative justice are working—or not—in various situations, from post-genocide Rwanda to the repercussions of the Residential Schools program for Aboriginal children here in Canada.
  5. Find out about the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in reporting on various countries’ human rights performance.
  6. Learn about the history of law and the evolution of laws to their current state.
  7. You’ll be able to investigate your interest in law as a potential career.

What will I learn?

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Because the Law and Society minor is interdisciplinary, you’ll have an incredible range of choices in courses to take. The concentration provides you with an introduction to the study of law, an overview of the Canadian legal system, and knowledge of the role of law in society from a variety of perspectives.

What can I do?


By taking the Law and Society minor, you'll gain a wide perspective on how the law affects society. You'll be ready for further studies in a subject in the arts and social sciences. Or you might discover that a career in law is the right path for you. Find out more about what you can do.