Holly Winter (King's)

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Holly Winter (King's)

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Reading and speaking only in German is definitely challenging—but it really helps develop aural and spoken skills.

Finding a cultural meeting point

Holly Winter’s plans after high school involved taking a year off to travel and have fun. She never imagined her three-week trip to Berlin—with Halifax-based DaPoPo Theatre—would influence her educational path.

Remembering all the good times she’d had in Berlin, she decided to take a German course for her first-year elective.

Now in her second year of study at the University of King's College, Holly's pursuing a double-honours degree in German and the History of Science and Technology. She’s already taking third-year German courses and plans to take more.

“I’ve always liked languages,” Holly says. “But I also really like how the program is set up. In any given class, you’ll find a meeting point for literature, politics, philosophy, and poetry.”

Her third-year language course is a case in point. For one thing, Holly loves the diverse readings. “We’ve read a short story by Bertolt Brecht, letters written by World War I soldiers, articles about current issues such as multiculturalism. We read in German, and then we debate in German about German issues!”

And she’s impressed with the German Department because of the professors’ dedication to their students. “All the profs are very helpful,” Holly says, “and because the classes are small, you have more opportunity to talk with them—and with other students. You’re not just an anonymous face!”

Combining German with the History of Science and Technology was a natural step for Holly: “It’s been super helpful! Lots of difficult philosophers were German, and having a background in the language can make their theories much easier to understand.”

One of her favourite German-language thinkers is the psychologist Carl Jung. “Maybe one day, I’ll be able to read his work in German!”

Holly’s plans for after graduation are still undecided, though she’s considering applying to graduate programs. One that’s caught her eye is in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, which Holly thinks will build on her background in German philosophy. “My current studies will come into play somehow—I’m sure of it!”