Career opportunities

A minor in Food Science, in addition to your science or engineering degree, gives you and entry to working in the food industry, one of the fastest expanding fields in the world.

Food scientists are found in every province of Canada and every state in the USA. Our graduates work across North America, and internationally, from Singapore to Italy. Jobs exist wherever food and beverages are manufactured. You could one day provide technical support to the food and beverage industry, or to government departments and international agencies such as the United Nations (UN).

A minor in Food Science is your entry point to working in the food industry. Food scientists enjoy exceptional starting salaries and excellent advancement opportunities. Students in our graduate studies programs have a 100% employment rate after graduation.

Here are a few of the career paths our graduates have taken:

Private Sector

  • research project coordinators (PhD level) or associates (MSc and BSc level) for food companies
  • production managers at corporations related to the food industry
  • independent consultants to small and medium-sized food and nutraceutical businesses
  • processing or preservation specialists in the food processing industry
  • application technologists for food ingredient suppliers
  • food safety and HACCP coordinators in the food industry
  • Brewer at a craft brewery or at a major brewery

Public Sector

  • research project coordinators (PhD level) or associates (MSc and BSc level) at public research facilities, such as the National Research Council and Health Canada
  • scientist with national organizations such as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada or internationally at the Food and Agricultural Organization at the United Nations (UN)
  • food safety inspector or analysts with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • food technology evaluator or policy analyst with the federal or provincial government

Alumni stories

Trying to feed the world

"Working in food industry has given me many opportunities to learn and create new solutions. I am proud to be a food scientist and excited to work in the field of fruit and vegetable preservation. Think about it: if we could stop today's food supplies from spoiling, perhaps we could feed the whole world."

— Li Yang, BSc (Food Analysis), MSc (Food Science). Li Yang is a food scientist at Planet Polymer Technologies, Inc., San Diego.