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Program snapshot

Top 5 reasons to choose a Food Science minor at Dal:

  1. Interdisciplinary: Food science applies chemistry, microbiology, physics and engineering to the study of food.
  2. Creativity: Learn to design new food products and new processes to make food, or improve the taste, nutrition and safety of food. 
  3. Employment: The food industry is one of the largest in Canada. A minor in Food Science will help you find work in this field.
  4. Develop a specialty: Our minor allows you to specialize your science degree into active commercial fields like beverage science, food rheology, lipids, process technology, seafood biochemistry, food microbiology or fisheries engineering.
  5. Top notch research: Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their research.

What will I learn?


Our minor gives you the opportunity to specialize in Food Science as a complement to a major or honours science degree. A Minor in Food Science leads you into research areas like Food Microbiology, Food Processing or Food Chemistry.

What can I do?


Food scientists might be plant managers, research scientists or consultants. They create new foods and develop new processes applying science to problems related to our food supply. They enjoy exceptional starting salaries and plenty of job opportunities.