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Going down into film history

In Film History 1 and 2, Dr. David Nicol introduces students to some of the groundbreaking and influential films made since the inception of the medium.


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Learning about cultures through film

Liz Bishop discovered a link between her major, Sociology and Social Anthropology, and her minor in Film Studies. "Charlie Chaplin was an anthropologist in his own way," she says.


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Blending science and cinema

Jessie Brown is interested in how scientific information is presented in film—and how it can be misleading. She plans to combine her background in science with film studies in an arts-related master's program.


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An inter-university program

Through Dal's Film Studies Minor, you can take courses at other universities and colleges in Halifax—including a course with filmmaker Sylvia Hamilton at the University of King's College.


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Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to choose the Film Studies Minor at Dal:

  1. Add depth to your studies: The Film Studies Minor can complement your major area of study, whether the subject is Theatre, English, Italian, Russian, History - the possibilities are almost endless.
  2. Audiovisual analysis is a highly transferable skill within our multimedia culture—and in any field dealing with audiovisual media.
  3. Get a different perspective by viewing society through the lenses of the world’s greatest directors and cinematographers.
  4. Cinema has become the dominant form of entertainment in the modern world. The Film Studies minor offers insight into why its impact is so important and relevant.
  5. Similar to courses in an English degree, our Film Studies courses teach you good writing and active critical thinking skills.
  6. The range of courses offered means you’ll encounter a wide variety of forms of critical analysis—formal, ideology, historical, and political.
  7. Transcend borders and boundaries: You can access global cultures through the diverse and adaptable film medium.



What will I learn?

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You’ll learn to think critically about the medium of film in its historical, theoretical, and cultural contexts. And you'll appreciate and consider this exciting visual medium of expression with eyes wide open—even when they're looking through 3D glasses.

What can I do?

jessie brown_mini_wcid_film studies

After combining a minor in Film Studies with your major area of study, you'll expand your options for advanced studies. You might consider a  range of careers, including filmmaking, journalism, or teaching. Jessie Brown is planning to go to grad school, where she'll combine her interests in science and film. Read her story.