Career opportunities

Our Earth Sciences graduates work in a wide variety of jobs, all over the world—on land and at sea. With a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Earth Sciences, you could find a position in a number of exciting sectors and industries:

Environmental consulting firms

  • water supply and contamination
  • landfill development and maintenance
  • environmental site assessment
  • and environmental risk management

Mining and exploration companies

  • finding and defining valuable earth resources
  • assessing and preventing possible environmental hazards associated with mining

Oil companies

  • finding and access more remote and more marginal oil and other energy resources
  • ensuring and promote environmentally-friendly methods

Research institutes

Students who continue their studies beyond the bachelor's degree to pursue a master’s and PhD in earth sciences may go on to work in government, university, or private research institutions. Many are currently working on the important questions of climate change and sea-level change.


Federal, provincial, and municipal governments hire geologists in a broad range of capacities:

  • mapping
  • exploration
  • northern studies
  • policy development and advising
  • managing and consulting

Educational institutions

  • teaching in secondary or elementary schools throughout Canada and abroad
  • research and teaching at the university or college level

Specific careers you could pursue as a graduate of the Earth Sciences program

  • environmental consultant
  • groundwater specialist
  • mining or marine engineer
  • environmental scientist
  • geologist or marine geologist
  • paleontologist
  • petroleum geologist
  • geochemist
  • geophysicist
  • oceanographer
  • environmental lawyer
  • university professor and researcher
  • high school teacher

Note: further education may be required for some of these careers. You can find an alphabetized list of these and many other careers on the Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN) website.

From earthquakes to environmental geoscience

Dr. Rebecca Jamieson talks about the variety of career options as a geologist and how she analyzes rocks to solve geological questions that affect our everyday lives. Watch her Techsploration video on YouTube.