Minor in Community Design

Experience a bit of our world

Community design pays attention to the shape, patterns, processes, and issues in human and natural communities. Our program explores the world as a system of interconnected and mutually embedded communities linked by cultural and natural processes. It examines interventions by which people can help to ensure healthy and sustainable communities. It offers practical skills and community-based experiential learning projects, and is an exciting and perfect complement to many other areas of study at Dalhousie.


The Minor in Community Design is a five-credit (24-credit hour) minor that can be taken in conjunction with a 20-credit major or honours program, or with a double major or combined honours program. When the minor is added to either of these two-subject degree programs, completing the requirements may entail taking slightly more than 20-credits for the whole of the degree program.

Required courses:

PLAN 1001
Introduction to Community Design 1

This class introduces community design by exploring the characteristics of human and natural communities, the connections between them, and the types of interventions designers and planners can make to help people create good living environments. Community design involves applying scientific and creative approaches to helping communities accommodate human needs while respecting the environment.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

PLAN 1002
Introduction to Community Design 2

This class builds on the lessons from Introduction to Community Design 1 by exploring how designers affect the form, structure, and character of human settlements. It examines principles of design, and helps you understand strategies and develop techniques for documenting, testing, and communicating ideas. You'll also work on a community design project.

Prerequisites: PLAN 1001


Elective requirements:

Select 8 more half credits (24 credit hours) from among PLAN courses (with the exception of PLAN 4001, 4002, 4050, 4100, and 4500, which are restricted to Honours BCD students). Consult the university timetable and calendar for current offerings, class descriptions, and class prerequisites.

Note: Space in Community Design courses is limited. Students in the minor program are admitted to Community Design courses only when space permits following the registration of Bachelor of Community Design program students. Not all elective classes are offered every year. Students declaring the minor should plan for at least four more semesters after completing PLAN 1001 and 1002 to complete the minor requirements.