Why choose Biology at Dalhousie?

Biology is the study of life and living things. You’ll examine the physical and biological processes that affect the life and death of genes, cells, individuals, populations, species, and ecosystems.

Depending on your interests and the courses you take, you might learn how to identify indigenous flowering plants, go scuba diving to conduct underwater experiments, or venture out on the ocean to study minke and humpback whales. You’ll look at the simplest forms of plants and animals—think algae and one-celled organisms—as well as the highly complex.

You’ll attend classroom lectures and have access to Dalhousie’s amazing research facilities. But you’ll also get out into the world and apply your classroom knowledge hands-on—whether you participate in the Science Co-op program and work in a research lab off campus, or travel to one of Nova Scotia’s beautiful coastal areas to collect samples from a tidal pool.

Program details

Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Options

  • BSc or BA (20 credit) Major/Double Major (4 years)
  • BSc or BA (20-credit) Honours/Combined Honours (4 years)
  • Co-op option available for 20-credit programs
  • BSc or BA (15 credit) with Minor in Biology
  • Minor in Biology (3 credits)


Required high school courses:

  • English
  • Pre-calculus or calculus
  • 3 additional university preparatory classes

Recommended high school courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry

See Admissions requirements for more information.

Application Deadline and Program Dates

Application deadlines for 2017/18

  • March 1 - Deadline for scholarship consideration for fall semester
  • April 1 - International students (except USA)
  • June 1 - All Canadian and American applications

Other important program dates

Class Size

  • First-year classes generally have 400 to 500 students.
  • Second-year classes have 150 to 250 students.
  • Most first- and second-year classes have laboratories with 20-30 students.
  • Some upper-level classes have 100 to 150 students but most have 20 to 50 students.

Tuition Fees

Use our Fee Calculator to estimate the cost of a full year at Dalhousie.

Residence & Housing

Whether you're applying to one of our residence halls or you’re looking for help with an off-campus apartment search, Dalhousie’s Residence and Housing Services can help.   

Housing options

  • Meal plans
  • Dorm-style, traditional residences
  • Apartment-style, non-traditional
  • Off-campus housing