Program snapshot

Top 10 reasons to study architecture at Dalhousie:

  1. International reputation: Our graduates and faculty work around the world on projects large and small.
  2. Accredited: We are fully accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.
  3. Construction: Our Free Labs let you develop social and technical skills, building full-scale objects in a team environment.
  4. Design: The heart of our program is the design studio, where you'll draw, model, and use digital design.
  5. Community partnerships: Many projects are done with local and international communities.
  6. Diverse: You'll work alongside students from many different backgrounds from across Canada and abroad.
  7. Compact: After 2 years at any university, the BEDS/MArch program takes 4 years to complete.
  8. Sustainable: We show you how to create sustainable communities and functional, healthy environments.
  9. Integrated: Our merging of academic terms and co-op work terms is highly valued in the architectural field.
  10. Travel: Co-op work terms enable students to live and work anywhere in Canada or abroad.

What Will I Learn?

coastal design students

Our architecture program gives you a professional degree in four years. You'll learn to do architectural design, use building technology, and understand historical and modern buildings that inspire us.

What can I do?

Susan Fitzgerald, alumna

We are an internationally-recognized school of architecture. Our graduates work as architects around the world. Read about alumni, architect Susan Fitzgerald and green developer Christopher Sweetnam-Holmes.