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Architecture student BEDS free lab

Free Lab: hands-on innovation

Students learn by building in our Free Labs. Thrown into the world of architecture "with no holds barred," they work for real communities, building original projects.



"A close-knit, friendly and collaborative environment"

Holly Simon loves the studio culture here. She believes architecture is a social art that embodies who we are, where we come from and where we are all going, together.



Playing with the fabric of our profession

Sarah Bonnemaison builds incredible, transportable structures: tents. From her lab on the waterfront, to India, to awards ceremonies with the Dalai Lama, her tents travel the world.


Coastal design slide

A classroom overlooking the sea

Students in Ted Cavanagh's Coastal Studio course designed and built a special kind of camera obscura for the people of Cheverie, Nova Scotia.


Gavin Schaefer, architecture student

Finding a moral compass

Before he applied, Gavin Schaefer asked architects for the school with the best reputation for ethical, sustainable architecture. They all responded: Dalhousie.


Roland Hudson, architecture professor

Reinventing the drawing board

Roland Hudson takes design to a new level with computational design. You'll learn to create flexible, imaginative programs tailored to individual projects.


Program snapshot

Top 10 reasons to study architecture at Dalhousie:

  1. International reputation: Our graduates and faculty work around the world on projects large and small.
  2. Accredited: We are fully accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.
  3. Construction: Our Free Labs let you develop social and technical skills, building full-scale objects in a team environment.
  4. Design: The heart of our program is the design studio, where you'll draw, model, and use digital design.
  5. Community partnerships: Many projects are done with local and international communities.
  6. Diverse: You'll work alongside students from many different backgrounds from across Canada and abroad.
  7. Compact: After 2 years at any university, the BEDS/MArch program takes 4 years to complete.
  8. Sustainable: We show you how to create sustainable communities and functional, healthy environments.
  9. Integrated: Our merging of academic terms and co-op work terms is highly valued in the architectural field.
  10. Travel: Co-op work terms enable students to live and work anywhere in Canada or abroad.

What Will I Learn?

coastal design students

Our architecture program gives you a professional degree in four years. You'll learn to do architectural design, use building technology, and understand historical and modern buildings that inspire us.

What can I do?

Susan Fitzgerald, alumna

We are an internationally-recognized school of architecture. Our graduates work as architects around the world. Read about alumni, architect Susan Fitzgerald and green developer Christopher Sweetnam-Holmes.