Current students

Current MA students

Students Research interests
Joy Brander Health/mobility
Emily Fraser Yarn, Urban Art
Jenny Reich
Mental health, deviance, sexuality
Rosi Rodriguez-Franco Immigrant children, education, Mexico
Claire MacMaster
Museums, objects, affect, ownership
Dru Morrison Globalization, post-secondary education, race/ethnicity
Chloe Westlake Sovereignty, arctic, Canada (Canadian), media and Inuit


Current PhD students

Student Research interests
Catherine Bryan Social reproduction, migration, Manitoba, the Philippines, transnationalism and political economy
Tonya Canning Economic anthropology, exchange, local currency and money
Jason Ellsworth Buddhism
Katie Harris Social reproduction, austerity, migration and gender
brian Campbell Economic anthropology, the informal economy, environmental discourses, flea markets and farmers' markets
Greyson Jones Transgender
Katie MacLeod Ethno history, political ecology, memory, Acadians and Mi'kmaq
Shiva Nourpanah Immigration, globalization, refugees, temporary foreign workers and skilled migration
Serperi Sevgur Highly skilled migrants, gender and migration and local and transnational networks
Ulises Villafuerte NGO/Disaster
Reddi Yalamala Health & medicine in India, political anthropology, food & nutrition, ethnomusicology, media studies, aging/life courses as a methodological lens