Career opportunities

Graduate degrees in psychology and neuroscience prepare recipients for exciting careers in clinical practice, academia and more. With your graduate education at Dalhousie, you can look forward to providing clinical care for individuals and groups and advancing knowledge in your field.

Clinical psychology graduates can become practicing clinical psychologists, with specialized areas of focus such as child psychology, family therapy and more.

With a graduate degree in psychology (non-clinical), recipients can pursue careers such as:

  • Case manager
  • Career counsellor
  • Community mental health worker
  • Researcher
  • Professor

Neuroscience graduates have career options that include:

  • Neurologist
  • Neurobiologist
  • Neuropathologist
  • Speech therapist
  • Professor
  • Researcher

A graduate degree in psychology or neuroscience can also open doors for employment in government and industry. Your expertise can be applied to fields ranging from pharmacy to advertising and marketing.