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Program details

Online distance education program

Incorporate study into your current lifestyle with our full-time or part-time online distance education program for qualified occupational therapists. The convenient and well-respected MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program will challenge your assumptions about occupational therapy, research and theory while you build on your skills as a qualified occupational therapist in current and new practice areas.

Why apply?

  • Engage with top scholars and theorists in occupational therapy
  • Study at home
  • Learn to assess, conduct and apply research
  • Challenge your practice with advanced thinking about occupation
  • Discover ways to effect change in multiple practice settings

You can take up to two single courses before confirming your decision to apply or take one of our new graduate certificates.

What you’ll need

  • Occupational therapy training or Dalhousie’s Entry Level program
  • Reliable internet access
  • Participate in a mandatory online orientation in your first year

Choose your path

The MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program offers two options for study.