Student theses

Master of Nursing & Master of Science (Nursing)

Murphy, Sandra (MScN, 2020). Birthing and being birthed: Exploring how the experience of birth trauma impacts birthing people in their postpartum lives (supervisor, Lisa Goldberg)

Vanderlee, Emma (MScN, 2020). Exploring the learning experiences of newly Registered Nurses who are actively working with children with intellectual disabilities (supervisor, Megan Aston)

Yu, Ziwa (MScN, 2019), Using Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) to guide cervical cancer care among Inuit communities: Implications from a scoping review (supervisor, A Steenbeek)

Carrier, Jaimie (MScN, 2019). Exploring the employer perspective on the implementation of Registered Nurse prescribing in Nova Scotia (supervisor, Ruth Martin-Misener)

Ozog, Noelle (MScN, 2019). Attitudes towards influenza vaccination during “wait times” in the emergency department (supervisor, Audrey Steenbeek)

Volstad, Christina (MN, 2018).  A phenomenological study exploring the experiences of flourishing among university students transitioning  directly from high school (supervisor, Jean Hughes)

Little, Victoria (MScN, 2018). First time mothers’ experiences of prenatal education and support (supervisor, Megan Aston)

Goguen, Stephanie (MN, 2017). The experiences of new nurse graduates working in a nursing resource team (co-supervisors, Sheri Price & Ruth Martin-Misener)

Monaghan, Christina (MN, 2016). A secondary analysis of self-rated health and health service use of female bisexual undergraduate students on Maritime campuses (supervisor, Audrey Steenbeek)

Pink deChamplain, Rebecca (MN, 2016). Examining the relationship between cognitive and affective components of empathy to compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue and burnout in pediatric nurses (supervisor, Margot Latimer)

Pink de Champlain, Rebeca (2016). Examining the relationship between empathy and compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction in pediatric nurses (supervisor, M Latimer)

Monaghan, Joelle (2016). A secondary analysis of self-rated health and health service use of female, bisexual undergraduate students on Maritime campuses (supervisor, A Steenbeek)

Einarsdottir, Gudlaug (MN, 2016). The gendered experiences of nurses in understanding hope in palliative care (supervisor, Lisa Goldberg)

McShane, M Michele (MN), 2016). The meaning of the breastfeeding experience for mothers in critical care (co-supervisors, Marilyn Macdonald & Faith Wight Moffatt)

Bettle,  Amanda (MN, 2015). Parent/caregiver involvement to manage pain in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Supervisor, Margot Latimer)

Bleasdale, Barbara (MN, 2015). A systematic review of the validity and reliability of observational measurement tools evaluating undergraduate nursing students' individual competency outcomes following high fidelity simulation-base (supervisor, Audrey Steenbeek)

Carter, Karen (MN, 2015). Registered nurses lived experience working to scope of practice in pediatric ambulatory medical care clinics (supervisor, Brenda Sabo)

Gough, Laura (MN, 2015). What is the culture of a child/youth emergency department (ED) in providing care to children/youth who arrive in the ED primarily for care regarding a mental health problem? (supervisor, Jean Hughes)

Macdonald, Danielle (MN, 2015). The experiences of midwives and nurses collaborating to provide birthing care in hospitals (co-supervisors, Erna Snelgrove-Clarke & Marsha Campbell-Yeo)

Patchell, Christian (MN, 2015). The experience of pregnancy and childbirth during an intimate partner's military deployment (supervisor, Erna Snelgrove-Clarke)

Pierce, Bridget (MN, 2015). Waiting for a liver transplant: An exploration of the lived experience of patients and caregivers in Atlantic Canada (supervisor, Brenda Sabo)

VanNieuwenhuizen, Jacqueline (MN, 2015). Parents’ perceptions of healthcare professionals' support in the transition of their adolescent with rheumatic disease from pediatric to adult care (supervisor, Brenda Sabo)

Abudulai, Evelyn (MN, 2014). Maternal bodies and obesity: Rethinking dominant perspectives, exploring a path less travelled (supervisor, Megan Aston

Algallaf, Amel (MN, 2014). Experiences of Arab immigrant women in emergency departments in Halifax Regional Municipality (supervisor, Lisa Goldberg)

Lamb, Alyson (MN/MHA, 2014). An exploratory descriptive study of advanced practice nurses as nurse leaders (supervisor, Ruth Martin-Misener)

MacWilliams, M Kate (MN, 2014). Miscarriages and the emergency department: A phenomenological analysis (supervisor, Jean Hughes)

Webb-Anderson, Karen (MN, 2014). An exploration of critical care nurses' experience of night shift fatigue and workplace napping: Bringing it out from under the covers (co-supervisors, Brenda Sabo & Megan Aston)

PhD (Nursing)

Disher, Timothy (PhD, 2020). Cost-effectiveness of alternative NICU designs (supervisor, Marsha Campbell-Yeo)

Mingo, Heather (PhD, 2020). A phase II randomized double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess the effects of Feramax when administered orally once a day on postoperative fatigue levels following coronary artery bypass (supervisors, Gail Tomblin Murphy & Blaine Kent)

Benoit, Britney (PhD, 2019). The effect of breastfeeding on pain-related event-related potentials and bio-behavioural indicators of procedural pain in newborns: A randomized controlled trial (supervisors, Marsha Campbell-Yeo & Ruth Martin-Misener)

McIsaac, Corrine (PhD, 2018). Examination of the feasibility of the HOW2TRAK® surgical site infection tool in the assessment of surgical site infections in a home care setting (supervisor, Jean Hughes)

Almater, Latifah (PhD, 2017). The process of teaching caring as a multidimensional phenomenon in undergraduate nursing programs (supervisor, Jean Hughes)

Elliott Rose, Annette (PhD, 2016). Centering women and newborns in health human resources planning: A needs-based approach to primary maternity health care in Nova Scotia (supervisor, Gail Tomblin Murphy)

Lackie, Kelly (PhD, 2016). Examination of the effects of interprofessional collaboration on health care provider and team productivity in primary health care: An important consideration in health human resources planning (supervisor, Gail Tomblin Murphy)

Sheffer, Catherine (PhD, 2015). "It seemed the natural thing to do": A Heideggerian study of choice for mothers who breastfeed (co-supervisors, Megan Aston & Sherrill Conroy)

Sheppard-LeMoine, Debra (PhD, 2015). Within vulnerability: Understanding the practices and experiences of enhanced home visiting public health nurses and community home visitors (supervisor, Megan Aston)

Kennedy, Evelyn (PhD, 2013). The Nursing Competence Self-Efficacy Scale (NCES): An instrument development and psychometric assessment study (supervisor, Gail Tomblin Murphy).

Walsh, Audrey (PhD, 2012). The illusion of choice: Mothers' persistent optimizing to feed their preschool age children (co-supervisors, Donna Meagher-Stewart & Marilyn Macdonald).

Getty, Gracie (PhD, 2013). An Indigenist perspective on the health/wellbeing and masculinities of Mi’kmaq men: Tet-pagi-tel-sit: perceiving himself to be a strong, balanced spiritual man (supervisor, Joan Evans)

MacDonald, Catherine (PhD, 2013). Exploring Mi'kmaq women's experiences with Pap smear screening in Nova Scotia (co-supervisors, Ruth Martin-Misener & Audrey Steenbeek)

Rickards, Tracey (PhD, 2013). Authenticating family: Re/Claiming legitimacy by the lesbian headed stepfamily (supervisor, Deborah McLeod)

Cormier, Judith (PhD, 2014). The infant feeding experiences of Mi'Kmaw women: A feminist phenomenological inquiry (supervisor, Lisa Goldberg)

Helpard, Heather (PhD, 2014). Seeking self worth: Physical activity behavior engagement in rural Nova Scotia women post myocardial infarction: A constructivist grounded theory study (co-supervisors, Marilyn Macdonald & Beverly Leipert [Western University])

Vukic, Adele (PhD, 2014). Mental health of rural Mi'Kmaw youth: Community based participatory research (co-supervisors, Ruth Martin-Misener & david Gregory [University of Regina])