How to apply

The Medical Physics Graduate Education Committee reviews and ranks all prospective graduate student applications in January for the upcoming academic year, which begins in September. All applicant files must be completed at this time. Your file must contain your pre-application, CV, Personal Statement and two academic reference letters for the committee's consideration.  

Application process

  1. Complete the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science pre-application form. Along with the pre-application, please be sure to submit your CV and Personal Statement and two academic reference letters.
  2. Complete the graduate online application form.
  3. Pay the $115 application fee.
    Note: The graduate application form and application fee must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Additional requirements of the department

If you wish to apply to a graduate program in the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, you must fill out a pre-application form and submit it to the department. 

  1. Submit the pre-application form, your CV and Personal Statement.
  2. Two copies of an official academic transcript for each post-secondary institution attended, sent directly from the host university in a sealed envelope (a notarized translation is also required for each non-English transcript)
  3. Two academic reference letters, either through the electronic reference system in the online application or by paper [DOC - 100KB]
    • If using the e-reference system, Dalhousie University will only accept university email addresses [ie not Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, business, or government addresses]. Please allow 5 business days for your referee(s) to be contacted by our system.
    • If you are submitting a paper reference letter, it must be in a sealed, stamped envelope which is endorsed across the back seal by the referee and mailed to the address indicated on the form. If a referee is reluctant to follow this procedure, please provide him/her with a stamped envelope, addressed to the department to which you are applying, and have him/her mail the letter directly. If the reference is given to the student directly, do not open the envelope.

Finding a Supervisor

If you are planning to apply for a thesis or research based Master’s or PhD, you might need to find a supervisor before you begin the application process. To find out if securing a supervisor before applying is required or recommended, please check with the graduate program you applying to.