Awards & grants

Schulich School of Law

Schulich Scholarship – two scholarships for LLM students and one scholarship for a PhD student offered on the basis of two of the three following criteria: (a) Academic Merit; (b) Community Service; and (c) Financial Need.”

Law Foundation of Nova Scotia Millennium Graduate Fellowship Fund – $20,000 per year to provide one or more fellowships and research support to law students at the masters and doctoral levels.

George Caines Graduate Scholarship in Law – approximately $20,000 (total) awarded to one or more students each year.  First consideration will be given to applicants with a focus on business or tax law, but second consideration will be given to a student or students whose study is in other areas of law. Preference will be given to those students who, while qualified to pursue their graduate studies, have demonstrated financial need.  This scholarship was established by John Bragg in recognition of George Caines’ service to John Bragg, his Family and the Bragg Group of Companies as a trusted legal advisor over a long period of time.

The H.A.J. Wedderburn Scholarship in Law  – awarded to a Black Nova Scotian enrolled in a graduate program (LLM or PhD).  This scholarship was established by the Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in recognition of Mr. Wedderburn’s contributions in the struggles of the Black peoples of Nova Scotia for equal access.

Roy A Jodrey Scholarship in Law – awarded to a prospective graduate student deemed by the Faculty to be outstanding.

George C. Thompson Fellowship in Law – awarded to a student enrolling in the LLM program, with a preference for a JD graduate from Dalhousie and/or a student who combined scholarly achievement and athletic involvement throughout his or her university career.

Dean Ronald St. John Macdonald Fellowship in Law awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need to a student entering the LLM program and concentrating in one or both of the fields of International Law or Human Rights Law. The student may be either a Canadian or non-Canadian student.  This Fellowship is in honour of the late Ronald St. John Macdonald, former Dean of the Law School and Judge of the European Court of Human Rights, who was instrumental in developing the graduate studies program at the Law School.

J. Fielding Sherwood Memorial Bursary Fund – awarded to an LLM or PhD student in the Faculty of Law whose work concerns the environment, or relates in some way to fisheries or ocean research studies.  The intent is that the Fund be directed toward travel or research costs.  This Fund was established to honour the memory of J. Fielding Sherwood.  Fielding Sherwood graduated from Dalhousie Law School with a Master of Laws degree, was associated with the Dalhousie Oceans Studies Program, and was an associate lawyer with the Halifax firm of Daley, Black and Moreira.

Dalhousie University  


Killam Fellowships

Exceptionally well-qualified applicants are eligible for Killam fellowships which currently have a value of $19,000 for LLM students and $23,000 for PhD students. Suitable candidates are identified and nominated by the Graduate Studies Committee to the Dalhousie Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Eliza Ritchie Doctoral Scholarship for Women

James Robinson Johnston Graduate Scholarship for African Canadians

Nova Scotia Black and First Nations Students Graduate Entrance Scholarships

The Phi Kappa Pi Joe Ghiz Memorial Award

President's Award



Faculty of Graduate Studies Emergency Bursaries

The John and Lina Graham Commonwealth Bursary

The Dr. P. Anthony Johnstone Memorial Bursary

The Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry Bursary/Scholarship


Research and Travel Grants

Research & Conference Travel Grants

More awards, scholarships and grants

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