Program snapshot

Why choose health informatics at Dal?

  1. Create opportunities: A master’s in health informatics is added value to your career and will open up new opportunities for you in the Canadian healthcare system.
  2. Wide range of backgrounds: Whether you are a health or IT professional working in Canada, a student coming direct from a bachelor degree, or a foreign-trained health professional, this degree is right for you.
  3. No prior technology degree needed: You don’t need a previous degree in health informatics or information technology to join the program. We consider people from health and informatics backgrounds.
  4. Part-time option: This flexible degree can be done part-time so you don’t have to leave your job.
  5. Internship or thesis: We are one of the few programs that have the option for an internship or a research thesis—you choose.
  6. Learn in person: Share ideas and insights among experienced faculty members and classmates with a range of diverse backgrounds and professional experiences.
  7. Interdisciplinary: Our program is a unique partnership between the Faculties of Computer Science and Medicine so you will get exposure to healthcare issues and solutions from both healthcare professionals and computer science experts.
  8. Research intensive: Develop interesting and innovative solutions to prevailing healthcare challenges. Publish your research, get recognized and bring it into your profession.
  9. Award-winning students: Four of our Master of Health Informatics students have won the COACH Steven Huesing Scholarship, a national award for excellence in health informatics.

    What is HI?

    Doctor using health informatics in his job

    Health Informatics is not about computers and technology. It’s about healthcare as the focus, and information technology as the tool.


      Two women in health informatics workplace setting

      With a Master of Health Informatics internship, you will use your skills, education and knowledge in a real-world health environment.

        Career opportunities

        Man and woman discussing health informatics

        A master’s in health informatics from Dal opens doors. Career paths include health IT system analyst, health data analyst and many more.

          Find faculty

          Two Master of Health Informatics faculty members

          Our internationally recognized faculty provide the expertise you need to succeed in the growing field of health informatics.