Thesis Stream

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Students considering future studies in a PhD will need to consider completing a thesis.

A thesis stream is much more academic in nature and requires substantial academic contribution which would qualify for an academic publication.

Details of this stream:

  • 8 courses + thesis
  • The thesis requires a primary supervisor who is a full-time Dalhousie faculty member from one of the three faculties (Computer Science, Law, or Management) and who is also a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • A public thesis defence is required. The committee for this thesis defence includes the supervisor and two additional readers who are members of Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • The thesis must make an original research contribution of considerable scientific, legal, or management interest that would qualify for publication in a major conference or professional journal.
  • The thesis should be approximately 80 - 100 pages in length but will vary depending on the topic.

To enroll in this thesis stream, students will need to receive approval from the MEC Director (

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