Research Project Reports

A research project report must:

  • Use the standard format for the research project report.
  • Follow the Faculty of Graduate Studies thesis preparation guidelines.
  • Be approximately 40 - 60 pages in length, but this may vary depending on the topic.
  • Start with an introduction that carefully articulates the problem topic to be addressed.
  • Clearly state the research question that the project addresses and give evidence concerning why it is important. Students are advised to select narrow, well-defined topics. 
  • Have generalizable results. A topic like, "How company X implemented policy, business plan, or technology Y" would be too specific. A better choice might be, "How companies in sector X should, could, or have implement(ed) policy, business, or technology Y and its impact on the sector".
  • Contain a thorough literature survey that deeply explores the selected topic. The literature survey should be rooted in the academic literature (journals, conference proceedings) but may also include trade publications.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the specifics of the literature and recent contributions to the body of knowledge in the selected topic.
  • Include some critical analysis of the literature. The literature survey is not just a passive collection of data, but must reflect a critical assessment of the state of knowledge in the selected topic.
  • Include a creative component that builds on the literature survey to help answer the research question. Examples of appropriate creative components include:
    • Developing a software prototype or architecture
    • Building a business case or quantitative study
    • Proposing and evaluating a policy
    • Proposing and defending a new business model
    • Researching a policy case
    • Conducting a survey 

Note: If you choose to conduct a survey, do a user study, or do a similar research using human subjects, you may be required to seek approval of the Dalhousie Ethics. This can be verified with your supervisor.