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Research Project Stream

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The research project stream typically focuses on an implementation of specific solutions to industry problems. Projects involve extensive analysis of a specific topic that has yet to be conducted, or involves a novel approach to an existing question.  

In this option, students complete a total of eight courses along with their internship and research project

Details of this stream:

  • Required: 8 courses + internship + research project
  • A research project normally requires a primary supervisor who is a full-time Dalhousie faculty member from one of the three faculties (Computer ScienceLaw, or Management)and who is also a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Course instructors or adjunct professors who are not full-time faculty members may be co-supervisors.
  • Research projects focus on the implementation of solutions and thorough analysis of specific topics with significant contributions.
  • After a supervisor and topic are determined, students are required to submit the project proposal by email (MecDirector@dal.ca) for approval. 
  • Upon approval, students work on their project under the guidance of their supervisor and will prepare their final project report - typically taking two academic terms (8 months).

What happens after the report is completed and submitted? 

  • Draft: A project report draft is prepared (typically done by iterating through several versions of the draft under the guidance of the supervisor).
  • Reader revision: Readers will have the reports at least two weeks prior to a scheduled presentation. A scheduling form must be signed and submitted to the Faculty of Computer Science graduate office. 
  • Approval: Approval of the project report requires a committee consisting of the supervisor and a reader who is a faculty member.
  • Presentation: Students give a 30-minute public presentation that is followed by questions from the supervisor, reader, and audience. 
  • Marking: There may be additional changes required after the presentation. 

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