Research Paper Stream

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A research paper is less demanding than a project or thesis, but the student has to study a specific topic in some depth beyond the typical coverage in courses or textbooks.

In this option, students take two more courses - for a total of ten courses - relevant for their research paper.

Details of this stream:

  • 10 courses + research paper + internship
  • Offers the study of a specific topic beyond the typical coverage in a course and requires a written report that is evaluated by a reader from one of the three facultiies: Computer ScienceLaw, or Management.
  • The research paper supervisor (reader) should normally be a full-time Dalhousie faculty member from one of the three faculties: Computer Science, Law, or Management and also a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 
  • The research paper must be augmented with two additional available courses relevant to the area of specialization. The research paper must make a contribution but is not expected to generate new data or theories. It must demonstrate serious critical thinking and a review of the literature. No public presentation is required.

Program Structure