Frequently Asked Questions

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Can take this program part-time? Can I take it from another city?

This program is mainly designed for full-time studies. However, we made recent changes to simplify this program for part-time students. There is no plan to offer this degree in distance education mode (via Internet or mail) in the coming year.

Can I start this program in January or May?

The course offerings are designed for students to begin in September.

How many spaces are there in the program?

There are 30 spaces for this program each year.

Will you count graduate courses related to electronic commerce taken at another university towards the degree?

Up to a maximum of two graduate courses taken elsewhere can count towards the degree, subject to review and approval by the program's executive committee.

Is MEC positioned to be relevant for establishing and maintaining corporate or government e-commerce sites?

We feel that MEC goes well beyond establishing and maintaining corporate or government electronic commerce sites. Electronic Commerce will have far reaching implications on the structure and operations of the organizations themselves. Managing the change is what MEC is all about.

I already have an MBA, and I would like to concentrate on technology. Is this possible?

Yes, the program is designed specifically to learn about areas outside your area which you have already mastered. However, some technical graduate courses will require pre-requisites which must be acquired before taking them. Please contact an MEC representative for  more details on which pre-requisite courses might be offered through the MEC program.

Do you take applicants with a different academic background other than Technology, Business, or Law?

Yes, we do. Depending on the background, applicants may be asked to take some qualifying undergraduate courses first.

Where are internship offers coming from (what sort of companies and where are they located)?

Internships are quite varied and have come from a range of types of companies. Learn more about our internships.

What type of work can graduates of the program undertake?

Graduates of the program are qualified to fill a number of different roles depending on their educational background, work experience and stream of study in the program.

Are internships paid?

Internships can be paid or voluntary positions. To receive academic credit for the internships it is necessary that you can learn e-commerce relevant practices from practitioners. Learn more about internships.

I am an international student. Can I still do my internship in Canada?

Yes. Internship is allowed for international students anywhere in Canada. In order to work in Canada international students will need to obtain a work permit. Work permits may be obtained by applying to Citizenship & Immigration Canada with a letter from the program director that we provide.

I was wondering if applicants are matched up with a company for their internship before they enter the program or are they responsible for finding the internship while they are completing the degree?

Students are responsible for finding their own internships, but it is not necessary to have an internship lined up before starting the program. Learn more.

I am considering a major change in my life to come to Dalhousie and study e-commerce. What can you tell me about the value of the degree?

Our program aims at producing graduates who can bridge the gap between technology, law and business, and understand the issues and complexities of all three worlds. Because few such people exist, we feel that there will be a lot of demand for them. You may wish to skim recent issues of the Communications of the ACM and the IEEE Computer, which often contain articles on what lies ahead in information technology with a minimum of hype. Regarding major changes in your life, you can minimize them by doing the coursework and project for the degree over 12 months of full-time residence in Halifax (fall-winter-spring term). You can then return to your permanent position and complete the internship on the job, provided it is related to electronic commerce.

What is the total amount of the yearly Tuition and Incidental Fees?

The exact amount of the tuition and incidental fees is determined by the Registrar's Office and the most up-to-date information can be found at the following two sites: Fee Calculator, and Tuition Fee Schedule.