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It's a fast-paced world

The world of e-commerce, e-business and emerging technologies is constantly changing, and becoming faster. In the Master of Electronic Commerce program at Dalhousie, we equip students to tackle the challenges of change by looking deeper into the forces that shape technology markets.

By developing an understanding of web technologies, e-business and internet law, Master of Electronic Commerce students develop unique insight that is rarely shared by others.

By acquiring real-world knowledge through a 4-8 month industrial internship, our students also develop hands-on professional skills that are in high demand.

Diverse backgrounds, driven to succeed

MEC students come from many different academic or professional backgrounds and often have diverse goals. They might be recent graduates with business backgrounds hoping to enrich their knowledge by studying technology. They might come from web technology or policy backgrounds and are interested in technology startups. They might be industry professionals who benefit by performing research in financial risk.

Wherever they come from, MEC students embrace change and are always independent learners that are driven to succeed.

Frequently asked questions

We compiled a list of common questions from interested students.