Who should apply?

Dalhousie Master of Electronic Commerce students come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines:

  • Business background - looking to dig deeper into technology
  • Computer science or policy experience - looking to bring fresh ideas to the business world
  • Years of industry experience
  • Fresh out of undergraduate studies

People who value an interdisciplinary approach

Dalhousie MEC students share an interest in being at the cutting edge of an exciting, ever-changing industry. They typically understand the global nature of the internet and want to develop deep and well-rounded knowledge of e-commerce by drawing on different areas of study.

The MEC program has the unique ability to offer students three in-depth perspectives on e-commerce from three leading faculties.

People interested in innovating

The MEC program is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of e-Commerce, as well as in-depth knowledge of a specific field. 

Due to the nature of this field of study students must be self-directed and not afraid to break new ground. Students have access to powerful areas of research and industry relationships and a self-motivated student can go far.

This program is a perfect fit for students interested in doing something really innovative with a graduate or professional education and can identify the skills needed to get to where they want to be.