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More affordable than you think

Investing in your MEC program often results in a higher salary and better career options when you graduate. Find out more about tuition and support.



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We are looking for students who understand the global nature of the internet and want to develop deep and well-rounded knowledge of e-commerce by drawing on different areas of study.


Research with an impact

Research with an impact

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Forecasting markets are considered to be one of the leading indicators of the economy. Learn more.


Why choose Dalhousie's Master of Electronic Commerce?

  1. Unique Blend: Gain broad insight from three faculties. Take specialized courses from Dalhousie’s faculties of Computer Science, Management, and Law and build on your existing knowledge.
  2. Career Opportunities: Gain real-world professional experience through our internship and thesis options. International students can work in Canada.
  3. Diverse Backgrounds: MEC students can come from Computer Science, Management or Social Science backgrounds. No extensive programming knowledge is required to start—just an undergraduate degree, aptitude, interest, and a drive to succeed!
  4. Established: Founded in 2000, Dalhousie’s Master of Electronic Commerce was the first of its kind in Canada. It has since been recognized for its ability to produce e-commerce industry leaders.
  5. Specialize: Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take relevant graduate or professional courses with students from other programs including: Computer Science, Law or Business Administration. 
  6. High Demand: Core MEC skills such as: data mining, analytics, web development or entrepeneurship are in particularly high demand by employers.

    Three faculties, one degree

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    The Master of Electronic Commerce program is a collaboration between Dalhousie's faculties of Computer ScienceManagement and Law and includes customized courses in all three areas. 

    Be part of a growing network

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    Our grads can be found leading e-commerce divisions of large companies, founding disruptive technology ventures, and conducting cutting-edge research. Where will you go?