Student Podcasts

Students from Dalhousie's Corporate Residency MBA program discuss current business news, their corporate residency work experience, and tips for writing the GMAT and applying to an MBA program. Features interviews with professors, students and employer partners.

Episode One: Interview with Scott Comber

Student Ande Clumpus talks to Corporate Residency MBA director Scott Comber about what makes the program different from all the other MBA programs, the range of work experience opportunities available during the paid 8-month corporate residency component, and what kinds of students should apply to the program.

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Episode Two: Interview with student Jeff Pond

Ande Clumpus talks to the president of the Dalhousie MBA Society, Jeff Pond, about why he chose the program, his corporate residency at Wilson Executive Search, and what the MBA Society does for students.

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Episode Three: Gorica Kurilic on the GMAT

Gorica Kurilic tells Ande how she prepared for the GMAT: what resources to use, how much time to study, and how to prepare for test day.

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Episode Four: Sir Graham Day

Ande interviews Dal alumnus Sir Graham Day, who reflects on his education, his unintended career in business, and the role that MBAs and MBA programs play in the business world today.

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Episode Five: Dr. Peggy Cunningham, Faculty of Management Dean

Ande speaks with Dr. Peggy Cunningham, Dalhousie Faculty of Management Dean, about innovations such as the Management Without Borders class that make our Faculty the most innovative business school in Canada, what excites her about the Corporate Residency MBA program, and what she hopes students will take away from it.

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Episode Six: Bruce Smith, Employer Partner with Scotiabank

Ande interviews Bruce Smith, Manager of Staffing and Planning at Scotiabank, about his experience working with Corporate Residency MBA students, what gives him so much confidence in the program, and what he looks for when hiring students.

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Episode Seven: Paul Bailey, Dal MBA alumnus

"I really believe in the Dal MBA. Without this, I can tell you right now, I wouldn't be where I am today." --MBA alumnus Paul Bailey, graduate of 2005 who is now working at General Motors Canada, responsible for sales and customer satisfaction and managing dealer and manufacturer relations. Ande interviews Paul about how an MBA from Dalhousie has helped him in his career, what he thinks about the Corporate Residency MBA, and how Dal helped him find his passion.

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Episode Eight: Dex Gittens

"You have to prepare to be pushed... when you're outside your comfort zone you really learn more about what your strengths are and where your gaps or opportunities to improve are." -Dex Gittens, second year student

Dex tells Ande about his corporate residency working in Recruitment and Learning at RBC, where he worked with senior managers on project management and strategy. He describes how his classes prepared him for the residency, what he wants to do next and what advice he would give to someone applying for the class of 2014.

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Episode Nine: Ed Rushton

"Give me a page of history to write, and I'll die a happy man." 

Ande interviews second year Corporate Residency MBA Student Ed Rushton about his corporate residency at Thorasys Medical Systems, his interest in entrepreneurship, and his position as sports rep on the MBA Student Society. 

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