MBA + Your Degree: Social Sciences and Arts


Social Science

The students most surprised by the opportunities afforded them by an MBA are those with a background in social sciences or the arts. Yet, students with backgrounds in political science, history, psychology, English, music, fine arts, international development studies, sociology and anthropology have excelled in our program! Some have come to the program with the goal of stepping away from their undergrad experience and focusing on a career in business, but most are still quite passionate about the topics and issues they explored in their undergraduate degree. They want to find a way to blend these passions with a suite of skills that will allow them to eventually manage and lead in like-minded organizations.

Your skills

Aptitudes for writing and communication, languages, research, interpersonal skills, dissecting complex social problems, understanding and appreciating cultures and outside-the-box thinking are just some of the reasons arts and social science students do so well on their corporate residencies. Your studies will give you a creative and fresh perspective on problems and issues, which will make you a valued member of a management team.

Develop new quantitative skills

The Corporate Residency MBA provides students from the social sciences and the arts the opportunity to develop new quantitative skills in an environment that is focused on experiential learning, applied learning, collaboration, creativity and innovation. We offer a rigorous program and the first few months can be challenging for those who have stepped away from quantitative analysis; however, work ethic and determination have been the biggest indicators of success to date. In the workplace, our social science and arts students thrive.

Christie Gamble, 2013

BA (Anthropology & Psychology) Health Services Administration, McGill & Dalhousie

Corporate Residency

Nova Scotia Business Inc., Halifax

Current Employer

Director of Sustainability at the clean tech firm CarbonCure Technologies, Halifax

Jocelyn Ball, 2011

BPhil, UNB

Corporate Residency

Aon Risk Services, Calgary, AB

Current Employer

Aon Reed Stenhouse, Calgary, AB

Kyle Palantzas, 2014

Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), Carleton

Corporate Residency

Eastlink, Halifax, NS

Current Employer

LinkedIn, Toronto, ON

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