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MBA + Your Degree: Health

Increasingly, students with a background in Health Studies/Health Sciences have identified the value of an MBA to their pursuit of career goals. Undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Recreation Management, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Global Health and Health Informatics are just a few of the programs that can situate students for success in the Corporate Residency MBA program.

Your goals

Career goals such as influencing health policy, working for pharmaceutical companies, administering a large health care organization like a hospital or a nursing home, leading a health-focused not-for-profit or contributing to the development of new and innovative products and systems related to individual and community health are just some of the aspirations that lead students with a background in health studies to the Corporate Residency MBA program.

Your strengths

In the classroom and on their corporate residency these students quickly put to use their understanding of interdisciplinary and inter-professional teams and their ability to navigate the complexities of social problems. Additionally, they display strengths around applied learning, statistical analysis, decision-making, influencing individuals and groups, stakeholder engagement and an appreciation for the inherent challenges in the management of health systems.

Michele Saindon, 2012

BHSc (Honours), Minor in Biology, Western

Corporate Residency

Johnson & Johnson, Toronto, ON

Current Employer

Johnson & Johnson, Toronto, ON

Jenny Pratt, 2013

BSc (Nutrition), Acadia

Corporate Residency 

The Canadian Red Cross, Halifax, NS

Current Employer

Pete's, Halifax, NS

Kevin Bernard, 2014

BHSc (Honours), Western

Corporate Residency

Barrington Consulting Group, Halifax, NS

Current Employer

National Health Care Practice, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, Toronto, ON