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We are looking for “high potential career launchers” from every discipline. Corporate Residency MBA students share a sense of how to transfer skills and experience acquired in Arts, Science, Health, Engineering, Business and other degrees into a managerial context along with a willingness to take on a steep learning curve and strive to be the best they can be.

No work experience required

Are you ready to pivot?  

In many cases the diversity in our classes comes from students “pivoting” out of different career paths. You may have been considering a career in medicine, law, dentistry, pharmacy or engineering, then realized you don’t quite fit or that there might be something else out there. Are you curious about the unlimited opportunities and earning potential that are on offer for Dalhousie Corporate Residency MBA graduates?

Are you a blender?

Other students that come to the Corporate Residency MBA program are “blenders”. Do you have a passion for what you studied in your undergraduate program and want to build on the strength of that degree? The Corporate Residency MBA can help you leverage the skills you already have and provide you with a new set of business and leadership skills to launch your career in your chosen field.

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