Seminars & lecture series

Research Seminars

Research seminars is a series of informal/casual presentations given by members of inudstry, government, FCS faculty, and graduate students. Topics include recent or upcoming conference presentations, thesis defence practice talks, demos, brainstorming of research directions, proposals, faculty strategic priorities, recruiting, knowledge transfer from research to teaching, or any other research-related topic. All Research Seminars take place in the Jacob Slonim Room (430), 11:30am - 1:00pm.

Industry Showcase Seminars

The Faculty of Computer Science Industry Showcase Seminars are held with the intention of bringing industry, faculty and students together. There are numerous research funding opportunities available for academic and industry people working together, but much of the time industry and academia work separately without the awareness of one another's work. 

In these industry showcase seminars, we bring someone in from industry to present their research, or the technology they are working with or developing. Our faculty and students, then, become more aware of the high tech world outside of Dalhousie. This also builds closer relationships, which can lead to developing research partnerships and future employment opportunities for graduating students.

Distinguished Lecture Series

The inaugural Distinguished Lecture Series in Computer Science was held in November 2012.

The objective of this series is to bring eminent computer science researchers to Dalhousie University once a year to present a public lecture that will enhance the appreciation and understanding of the field of Computer Science. This Distinguished Lecture series afford our students the opportunity to enhance their studies by gaining insight into today's cutting-edge research in technology.