Academic integrity

Students, upon first registration into the program, are required to confirm in writing by signing the Intellectual Honesty Form that they have read and understood the University regulations on Intellectual HonestyDiscipline, and Senate Discipline Committee as described in the Graduate Calendar and in the University Regulations.

It is the policy of the Faculty to refer all suspected cases of plagiarism to the Senate Discipline Committee. One of the many elements of the policy defines plagiarism as " the presentation of the work of another author in such a way as to give one's reader reason to think it to be one's own". To avoid this kind of plagiarism in connection with web sources, you must fully reference your sources in your class project reports and thesis. Verbatim (word by word) quotations from web sources should be enclosed in quotation marks and a precise URL reference with date of access should be given so that:

  • the reader can immediately associate the quotation or paraphrased text in your report with the original reference;
  • the reader can directly access the text of the original source without any search

Therefore, giving the URL of a large web site that contains your web source (e.g. for the University regulation above) is not acceptable. Read the University website on plagiarism for students.