Financial Services Specialization

Develop practical and relevant skills and knowledge for the financial services workplace. You will advance your critical analysis and decision-making skills, and deepen your understanding and ability to have positive impact in managerial and client service roles.

The combination of our exceptional faculty and the real-life experience of our affiliates has created the best MBA program in the country to meet the needs of working financial services professionals seeking an advanced degree.


MBA (FS) students take 10 core MBA courses plus 4 Financial Services courses:

BUSI 6230: Investments and Money Management

Offering an overview of modern investment and portfolio theory and its application to wealth management, this class offers the technical and operational skills you’ll need to work effectively in this area. Specifically, much of the class work compares and contrasts theoretical approaches to investing with the activities of money managers on the street.

BUSI 6255: Global Markets and Institutions

This introduction to global finance offers a theoretical grounding in a range of related topics including financial institutions and markets and their impact on the global economy. Theory is applied to reality throughout this class.

BUSI 6300: Risk Management for Financial Institutions

comprehensive survey of both enterprise and financial risk management, this class will take you through the essential approaches to identifying, assessing and managing risk exposures. Specifically, we look at operational, strategic and reputational risk, as well as the COSO framework for risk integration. We also look at derivative-related hedging concepts.

BUSI 6601: Legal Aspects of Governance and Risk Management

This class focuses on legal compliance from the perspective of managing risk, providing you with a legal foundation including torts, contracts and interventions by equity, insurance and business associations. Meanwhile, the class takes a ‘real world’ look at the ethics and practice of corporate governance.