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Program Delivery

Blended/online learning: The Dalhousie edge

Learn online from wherever you are

Online learning is enhanced by educational resources including readings, videos, discussion posts, blogs and audio files. Realtime elements include Live Classroom, tutorials, Collaborate, Adobe Connect and Skype sessions, ensuring rich personal connections with your professors and class participants.

Face-to-face intensives

At the end of each term, course participants meet for a three-to-five-day intensive session, available in major cities across Canada. Each program's capstone course is held during a week-long summer session on Dalhousie's historic campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Centre for Advanced Management Education (CFAME)

Designed for dedicated and goal-oriented mid-career professionals, programs delivered through the CFAME are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs:

  • Flexible program options: you can complete your degree in as few as two and a half or as many as seven years, giving you the flexibility you need to balance your learning needs with your lifestyle and current professional responsibilities. Choose from a list of courses available year-round.
  • Learner-centred approach: our award-winning instructors use an array of integrated learning technologies to provide you with a dynamic and interactive online learning environment.
  • Support centre dedicated to mid-career learners: the CFAME team will ensure you have the information and resources you need to focus on driving your development and advancing your career.

Contact CFAME

Get in touch with our CFAME team at cfame@dal.ca or call 1-902-494-6391 (toll free 1-800-205-7510).