Student theses

Brand new knowledge

The work of our graduate students is just as diverse as that of our faculty, and demonstrates the high quality of research that comes from a department that’s rich in funding and expertise.

Recent theses

Student Defended Thesis Supervisor
Alexandra Reda MSc (2015)
Structural Characterization of 20 KDA Lipid-Binding Fragments of Apolipoprotein B100 Dr. Roger McLeod
Courtney Stairs PhD (2015) Functions and Origins of Mitochondrion-Related Organelles in Anaerobic Protists Dr. Andrew Rogers
Marie-Laurence Tremblay PhD (2015) The Structural Characterization of Argiope Trifasciata Spider Wrapping Silk by Solution-State NMR Dr. Jan Rainey
Peter Murphy PhD (2014) ACYL Carrier Protein Dynamics and Partner Enzyme Interactions Dr. David Byers
Gerard Gaspard PhD (2014) Loss of Mitochondrial Quality Control Protein YME1 is Deleterious to the Viability of Yeast Lacking Tafazzin
Dr. Christopher McMaster
Barry Kennedy PhD (2014) Exploring the Role of Mitochondrial Cholesterol in Niemann-Pick Type C Disease
Dr. Barbara Karten
Adam Aitchison MSc (2014) Regulation of Programmed Cell Death and Lipid Droplet Formation by CTP: Phosphocholine Cytidylytransferase Alpha (CCTα) Dr. Neale Ridgeway
Nigel Chapman MSc (2014) Probing GPCR Activation: Functional Analysis of the N-Terminus and Extracellular Loops of the Apelin Receptor
Dr. Jan Rainey