International students

International community

Dalhousie has a special page for international applicants where you can learn more about Dalhousie's community. (Please note that some academic information may apply to undergraduate applicants only.)

Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

To apply for a study permit on or after June 1, 2014, you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), as well as the institution's DLI number. Dalhousie's DLI number is # O19209939282.

International degree equivalencies

Qualifications from a number of educational systems around the world are listed below. Normally, they are recognised as equivalent to a Dalhousie University four-year bachelor's degree if they have been awarded from an institution that is recognised by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The academic standings indicated are normally accepted as equivalent to a Dalhousie University B grade average. Please be advised that degree equivalences are subject to change on a continuing basis.

Please be advised that when a college is affiliated to a university the applicant must submit official transcripts and degree certificate from the university and not the affiliated college. The reason for this is because the university is recognized not the college. If a college is autonomous to a university we will accept the transcripts but they must be accompanied with a degree certificate from the university.

A - I Degree equivalencies by country name

Country Qualifications Academic standing
Argentina 7.5 (1-10 scale) Licenciatura, titulo 
Australia Second Class Upper Honours Bachelor's
Bangladesh Second Class Upper Honours MA, MSc, MComm, BSc (Eng.), BArch
Bosnia-Herzegovina 8 (1-10 scale); 4 (1-5 scale)  Diplom
Brazil 7.5 (1-10 scale) Bachearel, Licenciartura, titulo 
Chile 5.5 (1-7 scale) Licenciartura, titulo 
China (People's Republic) 80 or better 4 year Bachelor's
Colombia 3.7 (1-5 scale) Licenciartura
Croatia 7.5 (1-10 scale); 4 (1-5 scale)  Diplom
Czech Republic Velmi Dobre  Diplom
Egypt Very Good, 80 or better Bachelor's
France 14 (1-20 scale) Bien Licence, Maitrise 
Germany 2.5 (4-1 scale): (Gut)  Bakkalaureus, Bachelor (FH), Diplom (FH) 
Ghana 3.25 (0-4 scale) or Second class
Honours Bachelor's 
Greece 7 (0-10 scale) Pytchion, Diplom
Hong Kong II (Div.i)* Honours Bachelor's
Hungary 4 (1-5 Scale) Oklevel (Diploma) 
India Upper Second Class Honours MA, MSc, MComm, BEng, BSc (Eng.), BTech, BASc, BArch
Indonesia Good or B Sarjana 
Iran 15 (1-20 scale); 3.5 (1-4 scale); 80 Bachelor's, Licenciate 
Iraq 80 or better Bachelor's 
Ireland Second class Honours Honours Bachelor's 
Israel 80 or better 4 year Bachelor's (sometimes 3 year degree) 
Italy 25/30 courses; 90/110 thesis Laurea 

J - R Degree equivalencies by country name

Country Qualifications Academic standing
Japan 77 or better / B / RYO
4 year Bachelor's 
Korea (South) First Class / 3 (0-4 scale) or B Master's, Bachelor's from key institutions
Macedonia (former Yugoslavia Republic) 8 (1-10 scale); 4 (1-5 scale) Diplom 
Malaysia II(i) Honours Bachelor's 
Mexico 8 (1-10 scale) Licenciartura, titulo
New Zealand II(i) / B / Clear Second
Honours Bachelor's 
Nigeria 3.0 (0-5 Scale) ; 3.0 (0-4 Scale) B Honours Bachelor's 
Pakistan First Class  MA, MSc, BEng, BASc, BSc (Eng.), BSc (Arch.)
First Class; 1.5 (5-1 scale) Master's 
Poland Dobry; 4 (1-5 Scale)
Romania 7.5 (1-10 scale)  Diplom de Licentat, professional and degree titles 
Russia Khorosho; 4 (1-5 scale)

S - Z Degree equivalencies by country name

Country Qualifications Academic standing
Saudi Arabia 3.75 (2-5 scale); Very Good 4 or 5 year Bachelor's 
Serbia 8 (0 – 10 Scale)
Singapore II (Div. I) 4 year Honours Bachelor's 
Slovenia 7.5 (1-10 scale); 4 (1-5 scale) Diplom
South Africa II(i)  Honours Bachelor's 
Spain Notable; 6.5 (0-10 scale)
Licenciatura, titulo (5-6 years) 
Sri Lanka 60% or better ; Upper Secondary
4 year Bachelor's
Sweden High Pass with Distinction / Val Godkand
Syria 70/100 Very Good Licentiate (4-5 years)
Taiwan 75% or better Bachelor's
Turkey 7.5 (1-10 scale) Lisans Diplomasi
United Kingdom II(i) ; 60% or better
Honours Bachelor's
United States 3.0 4 year Bachelor's
Venezuela 7 (1-9 scale) ; 13-15 (0-20 scale); 4 (1-5 scale)
Licenciatura, Ingeniero
West Indies II(i) Honours Bachelor's


English language proficiency

International students must complete the same admission process as Canadian students. If English is not your first language and you did not complete your last degree at an English-speaking institution, you must submit an English proficiency test score.

Dalhousie's institution code for TOEFL test scores is 915.

Please review our admission requirements for more information.

Non-Canadian application deadlines

Non-Canadian applicants must submit their applications by certain deadlines in order to be considered for admission and funding opportunities.

Please review our application deadlines and department-specific application deadlines for more details.