Right place and time + right skill set = job readiness

Nanotechnology and nanophotonics are revolutionizing our world – and our graduate-focused Applied Science in Photonics and Innovative Research in Engineering (ASPIRE) program is perfectly positioned to help you realize your potential – and find the right role – within this increasingly significant sector.

With a specific focus on nanophotonic-based telecommunications and energy applications, our interdisciplinary program goes far beyond traditional approaches to graduate learning. Truly unique, ASPIRE will fund your studies and place you inside an international network of leading nanotechnology centres – within which you’ll be able to work with top teams to build a broad base of deep theoretical, experimental and technological expertise.

But our industry-led program doesn’t stop there. Through long-term industry internships in Canadian companies, we’ll also teach you how to commercialize and market your ideas and how to start and grow a business. And we’ll help you acquire the professional skills you’ll need to find the right job, carve out the right career path – and progress faster than you ever thought possible.

Meanwhile, ASPIRE also gets you job-ready by helping you become better at:

•    Intra-team and inter-team collaboration
•    Reporting and presenting – particularly your research
•    Leading and managing.

IP, patents – and a whole lot more

Finally, our program will provide you with a deep understanding of the ethical and legal aspects of running a nanotechnology business – including intellectual property issues, patenting, working within legal parameters and resolving conflicts.